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 Last Updated on 06/29/2018

Falls Run Community Neighborhood Watch 

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Operating Directive  


Falls Run Neighborhood Watch Program



The Neighborhood Watch program is intended to be financially self-sufficient.  Since January 2015, the NW bank account at BB&T has been under the umbrella of the Falls Run Community Association.  NW monies are deposited and disbursed by the FRCA Activities Director following approval by the treasurer or one of the other officers of NW.  Requests for reimbursements or expenditures from NW members are made to the NW treasurer.  After approval they are forwarded to the Activities Director for payment by check from the NW account.  All donations to NW in the form of cash or checks go to the NW treasurer who forwards them to the Activities Director by check for deposit to the NW account.   The annual budget, as well as any expenses not  initially included in the budget, must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the NW Leadership Council.  The treasurer provides a detailed accounting of income and expenditures at each meeting of the Leadership Council and within ten days of a request from a resident submitted in writing to the NW Director through any member of the Council.  It is anticipated that resident donations in support of Neighborhood Watch will be sufficient to run the program indefinitely.