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Falls Run Exchange of Services and Help


Falls Run Resident Services Disclaimer

The services and products provided by Falls Run residents included on this list are not affiliated with the Falls Run Community Association, and the Association is not responsible for the quality or timeliness of services and products provided.  The Association does not endorse or recommend any products or services and is providing this list of residents to you as a convenient reference  source.

FRESH (Falls Run Exchange of Services and Help) is possible thanks to residents who are willing to share their particular expertise with others in our community on a voluntary, no-fee basis. If you would like help in one of the areas listed below, please contact the appropriate resident. For more information, or if you want to share a talent or skill with others, please contact Susanne Lazanov, 540-310-4082 or suelaz@aol.com.




Instruction in Quicken and on-line bill paying

Toni Brown: 540-373-6333 or bobtoni@cox.net


Cat Care


 Will provide care for cats while resident is on vacation in return for same

Mike and Sandy Schwartz: (540) 656-2875 or 3birchleaf@gmail.com




Talking and listening; light errands; accompanying residents to medical appointments

Louise Stoneberger: 540-374-1163 or louisestoneberger@yahoo.com


Dog Care


Help with canine behavioral issues, nutritional needs and training

Susanne Lazanov: 540-310-4082 or suelaz@aol.com


Home Maintenance


The Greater Falls Run Lions Club will replace the batteries in your hard-to-reach smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You supply the necessary 9-volt batteries. We supply the ladder and manpower. Just give us a call, and we will put you on the schedule. We will also recycle the old batteries.

 Helen Harlow 373-4890.


Changing light bulbs (supplied by resident) in recessed ceiling fixtures

Astrid and Alton Dick: 540-372-7883, avdard@cox.net


Help with rewiring and refurbishing lamps

Sandy Gaudet: 540-373-6999 or sgaudet3@cox.net



Notary Public


Roberta Schreiber is offering her services as a Notary Public. She can be contacted  at 540-373-4009




Implementing Getting Things Done, a high-performance personal organization and productivity system developed by David Allen; including PowerPoint presentation

Dan Gillham: 540-373-8891 or dygilham@cox.net


Help with general organizing, such as closets and files

Sally Anderson: 540-371-7484 or sallycooneyanderson@yahoo.com




Help with principles of photography

Sally Anderson: 540-371-7484 or sallycooneyanderson@yahoo.com



Test preparation for (grandchild taking) the national Advanced Placement US History exam in May

Sandy Gaudet: 540-373-6999 or sgaudet3@cox.net