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Setup Garage Keypad

Changing the light bulb in your foyer

Winterizing your hose bibs

Lighting the pilot light on your fireplace

Get connected to a human when you call customer service (a BIG thank you to Linda M.)

Servicing your smoke detectors

From time to time questions arise as to how to do certain tasks in our homes that are common to all of us. Our Property Manager thought it would be a good thing to share these questions and answers with the entire community. If any Falls Run residents have tips that you would like to share, just click the  "Web Site Suggestions" button and send your tip to the webmaster.

Q: How do I change the light bulbs in the octagonal fixture in my foyer?

A: Although it does not look like it, there is room for most people to get into the light fixture through the opening in the bottom. Once your hand is inside the fixture, unscrewing the burnt out bulb and screwing in a new one is easy.

Q: How do I winterize my hose bibs?

A: In order to winterize your hose bibs, please follow the following procedure:

  1. Remove the hose from the hose bib to allow for any water to drain out.

  2. Turn off the cutoff valve(s) to the bib, which is located inside your home.  Your inside hose bib cutoff valve(s) were pointed out to you at your walk through.  Turn the handle clockwise to turn it off.

  3. Open the hose bib and leave it open through the winter.

  4. The turn off valve(s) inside your house has a bleed plug located on the side of the valve; water will drip from this    area for a short time while the cap or plug is being removed.  Allow the water to drain completely from the bleed plugs. You may want to have a small bucket to catch the water.

  5. The hose bib has a vacuum breaker attached to it. Push the collar up to break the vacuum. This will allow the water to drain from the hose bib.

Q: How do I light the pilot light on my fireplace?

A: Click this link for the instructions from the Heatilator Company.


Q: How can I speak to a human when contacting customer service?

A: Click the link to go to the Gethuman 500 database. Find the company and follow the directions.


Q: How do I change the batteries in my smoke detector?

A:  Changing Smoke Detector Batteries By Michael Braiwick (As published in the Falls Run Gazette, May 2007)

Download the FIREX smoke detector manual in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format


It’s that time again – time to change your smoke detector batteries.  Don’t delay; it’s an easy process if you follow the steps listed here.  These steps will synchronize all the smoke detectors so they will run off the house electricity – thus dramatically increasing detector battery life.


Slide the cover plate off and remove the old battery.


When installing the new 9-volt battery, pay attention to the diagram inside the smoke detector to align the positive and negative connectors.


Slide the cover plate back onto the smoke detector.


Push and hold the button on the smoke detector for about five seconds.  There will be a series of different beeps as you hold the button.  When all the smoke detectors in the house begin to beep together, release the button.


Wait one to five minutes for the smoke detector to beep twice.  When it beeps twice, the smoke detector is set.


Go to the next smoke detector and repeat steps 1-5.