Last Updated on 05/07/2020


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Home Safety

Although Falls Run is a restricted-access community, this does not mean residences are immune to burglary or other crimes. Listed below are a few home safety tips:

• A residence which presents a “lived-in” appearance is a deterrent to burglars. Never leave notes that can inform a burglar that your house is unoccupied.

• Keep the doors of your home and vehicles locked at all times.

• Always verify who is at your door before opening it.

• Make certain all windows and doors are secured before departing.

• Keep your garage doors closed whether you are home or not.

• When going out at night, leave one or more interior lights on and perhaps have a radio playing (TV sets should not be left unattended). Timers may be purchased that will turn lights on and off during your absence.

• Do not leave door keys under flower pots or doormats, inside an unlocked mailbox, over the doorway, or in other obvious places.

• Make sure any bushes near your doors and windows are trimmed back and don’t create nice hiding places for burglars.

• Know your neighbors and recognize their cars.

Please call the Stafford Sheriff’s Department (540) 658-4428 Crime Prevention Unit) if you notice any suspicious activity around the community or if you are a victim of any type of burglary or attempted burglary/suspicious activity. Once you have reported the incident, please forward information to the Board’s email address:

This notice has been prepared and forwarded as a public service information document to the residents of the Falls Run Community Association.

Personal Safety


         In large parking lots when walking to car, have keys in hand and thumb on the emergency alarm button. 

         When using remote to open doors push button only once to open only drivers door.  After entry immediately lock doors. 

         If you ask store clerk to escort you to car at night they will usually have a security employee escort you. 

         If in unlit area and a car such as a police car asks you to pull over, put on your flashers and drive to a well lit area, such as a gas station and pull in near the door where people can see you.  If you still are unsure of the person stopping you, call 911. 

         If you leave a vehicle outside in your driveway overnite, be sure the windows are up and vehicle is locked.  All instances of vehicles being broken into in FR the vehicle has been unlocked.  Also, good idea not to leave garage door opener in vehicle even if locked.  A broken window allows the perp to get the opener and open the garage. 

         Don't leave garage door open, even if home unless you are working there.  

         Also, door open a few inches does not allow much hot air to escape but does allow little creatures to enter. 

         Suggest you always lock door from house to garage, especially at night, but even if you are home during the day.  Good idea to keep front door locked also. 

         If you do not have a home security alarm, keep your keys remote on nightstand near bed and if you hear strange noises hit your alarm button on remote.  Your horn will alarm and probably scare off anyone breaking in.  Do not hesitate to call police and ask them to come by.  Neighbors should be advised that if they hear horn blowing they need to be aware of a problem.