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 Last Updated on 10/12/2018

Falls Run Management and Staff

Dominic Klepic- General Manager 540-899-9958
Lara Lewis Activities Director 540-371-4452
Abigail.Miller Executive Assistant 540-907-4382


Falls Run Concierges

A concierge is on duty at the Community Center during all open hours. The Community Center Concierges are responsible for opening the Center in the morning, closing the Center in the evening, and assuring that we have a safe, enjoyable environment. The Community Center Concierges are also charged with signing up Falls Run residents for trips and other special events. The Technical Concierges are responsible for keeping the Falls Run website ( updated and on-line as well as caring for the computer equipment that is housed in the Community Center.

Community Center Concierges Technical Concierges
Connie Block Denzil Willis
Tom Bruns Ralph Warren
Diana Buttrey  

Gayle Castro


Kathy Catalano

Marilyn Coughlin  
Sandy Gaudet  
Jean Hodge  
Priscilla Mahon  
 Carla Thatch