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What is fallsrun.org?

As the official website of the FRCA, it’s your one-stop source for our governing documents, design guidelines, the resident directory by name and street address, forms (to update directory information, apply for a modification, add a household member, etc.), meeting announcements/agendas/minutes, social and travel activities, and more. 

Why can't I see all the items in a menu?

This has to do with the magnification of the browser.
If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, holding the Control key down while you scroll will zoom in and out on the page. 

Using the browser menu depends on the browser.  " Zoom    -  100%  +  " is often in the hamburger menu (Firefox),  the 3 vertical dot menu (Chrome), or the 3 horizontal dot menu (Edge). Opera lets you use CTRL +/- to zoom in/out.

What else does the site provide?

You’ll find updates and notices, contact information for management and boards, the activities schedule, current and past issues of the Gazette, instructions for winterizing hose bibs and even the original paint colors/materials for our homes’ exteriors.

Why am I not listed in the website directory?

The website directory is based on information [name, address, phone number(s) and email address] residents provide for the Falls Run database. 
We have had numerous questions about why a resident isn't listed in the website directory. Here are the possible reasons:
·      The Falls Run database does not have an email address for that resident or the email address it does have is being shared.
·      The resident is in the Falls Run database but has set “Show Profile” to “No.”
If you can log into the website, and you wish to change what other registered residents can view about you in the directory, you can do so under "Your Profile."  Please refer to page 12 of the User Guide for instructions regarding “Your Profile” and page 15 for instructions regarding changing the directory settings.
If you cannot log into the website but you want to add, delete or correct  information in the Falls Run database, please complete a Resident Information Update Form available from the concierge.

Why are Falls Run email blasts not shown on the homepage?

Email blasts are usually short duration notices for immediate viewing.

How do I visit the site?

Enter “fallsrun.org” into the search box of your browser.

What does the site offer Villas residents?

As members of the FRCA, residents of the Villas need the same information as those in single family homes. The site’s “VCA (Villas Condo Association)” and “Villas Links” tabs lead to information specific to the Villas.

Can I visit the site from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, the site allows easy access from any Internet-connected device.

How do I know the site is secure?

The website uses standard security protocol. Note the “lock” symbol or “https” in the search box.

What is the “Members Area”?

It’s where you can access information such as committee rosters, the reserves analysis and the resident directory that’s not available to the general public.

How do I access the “Members Area”?

Clicking the word "Login" next to the Falls Run telephone number at the top of the page or attempting to access a "Members' Only" page will begin the login process, allowing the visitor to enter a username and password or to request help about a forgotten username and/or password.
The webmaster screens requests to confirm the person is a Falls Run resident or owner.

How can I quickly search the resident directory?

Follow the instructions in the User Guide for Member Directory.

Why am I not in the website directory?

If a resident had requested that some of their information, e.g. a cell phone number, not be published in the old website directory, then that resident is not visible in the new one.
Once residents log in, they can control which items are visible by clicking on "My Profile" in the upper-right corner of the home page.

For more details, please see pages 12-16 in the User Guide, located on the navigation bar.


Can I visit the site if I don’t have an Internet connection at home?

You can use the computer in the library area of the Center or at any branch of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library. If you have a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you also can access the Internet for free anywhere that has public Wi-Fi.